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Author Topic: Infection Game Mode  (Read 1841 times)

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Infection Game Mode
« on: June 05, 2013, 02:46:40 PM »
Hey all,

For those with an extremely good memory might remember me from the dark ages, though I sincerely doubt it considering all the new people here. The latter is actually one of the reasons I re-make this thread (if it is still somewhere out there in the database, I apologize to the mods). I also see it as my "forever alone" welcome back party.

A little bit of background first, the two imaginary people still capable of remembering me might also notice that this is a repost from the old forums. Below you find the description of a custom free roam game based on an existing game mode in several other games (Halo, CoD:MW3,...). When I first came up with this idea I posted it in the exact same thread just to measure interest and make a list of players including their timezones so planning games would be a bit easier. To say the least, I was surprised by the large amount of interest that was shown by the players, because when I first introduced this, the forums seemed kind of dead.
As for the game mode itself, unfortunately we were planning the first game during the time the forums were undergoing a massive change (I think the migration to these forums?) and as such, the planning got interrupted. Without the forums, I kind of lost my passion for this game and went on to different titles, mainly Assassin's Creed Multiplayer. Here I met some awesome people who suddenly got burned out on Assassin's Creed and went to Red Dead Redemption. Having found these people, I decided to give the forums another go and remembered that this idea never got carried out (if it did, I want this person's name and address). So that's the story basically, onto the actual game mode.



Infection is a free roam game based on a classic infection game. Two teams of players are confined to a limited area, one group starts small, the other starts large. As the small group makes victims, these victims will join the small group and eventually the tides will turn. The last player of the original large group is declared winner, and will start the new small group for the next round.

Applied to Red Dead Redemption, a game of infection is most interesting with 16, although it is possible to do with less. The two main groups are the infected and the survivors. The game can be played on typical multiplayer maps like Armadillo or Blackwater, but can also be held in less common areas such a Rathskeller Fork or Warrington's Ranch.
Infected must attempt to find and kill the survivors, while survivors must try to remain uninfected as long as possible.
Both groups have certain unique limitations discussed later on.

Roles and Rules


First and foremost, this Free Roam game is best done in private. One thing I still don't know yet is how flexible private free roam is in terms of preference. By that I mean that I'm not sure if it's possible to have a private hardcore free roam. If not this can cause some minor inconveniences but it shouldn't be too bad.

Having said that:

- Infection takes place in a Hardcore Free Roam.
- Players are confined to a small area. Going out of the boundaries is not allowed. Out of boundaries means that the name of the area you just entered is displayed on the middle upper part of the screen. Alternatively, summoning the player list always shows the area the players are in. All players must be in the same area. Not doing so will cause you to be politely asked to return. Failing to do so on multiple occassons will lead to be being kicked. Don't ruin the fun.


Every infection game starts with one Infected. This infected must try to kill the other players to create more infected. The infected can be anyone who volunteers at the start of a match. if two people volunteer and neither one is backing off, a duel will decide, with another player being the judge. If multiple people want to be the first infected, a standoff will decide. Last person to die wins the standoff and becomes the infected. If nobody volunteers, again a standoff occurs. Players can place "votes" on whoever they want by aiming his/her gun at this person. First person to die is the infected.
Once done, the winner of the last Infection game is always the new infected, so we only have to go through this once.

The first infected is called the "Retcher". He/she is special in that besides the use of the melee knife, they're also allowed to use throwing knives and tomahawks. Once a survivor dies, he/she becomes infected and must hunt other survivors, but can only use their melee knife, unlike the "Retcher". This is done because it would be fairly difficult for one player to get a melee kill versus 15 others. Here some general rules for Infected:

- Infected must attempt to find and kill survivors
- Infected may only use melee knife
- The first infected in the "Wretcher"and is allowed to use Throwing knives and Tomahawks (if DLC is available of course)
- Infected are allowed to have their minimaps enabled (you can only see survivors on it when they're running or shooting)
- Infected are not allowed to enable player names above heads.(use your eyes, smell their fresh blood)
- Infected may not summon their mounts

As for immersion, if you have the DLC, use the Zombie skins when you're infected. If you don't have it, any Miners (or Seth) will look dirty enough to pass as an infected undead.


Survivors start as a large group, but as more and more people die to infected, they quickly become the minority. The survivors must try to stay alive as long as they can. They have a limited amount of weapons and ammo at their disposal to aid in this. Other strategies involve hiding or getting a better vantage point. Sticking together will increase firepower, at the risk of two people joining the ranks of the undead instead of one. Rules for survivors are as followed:

- We play in Hardcore to give the infected a bit more of a fair chance, as well as making things a bit more interesting. Hone your skills while having fun.
- Survivors are allowed to use the following guns:

* Cattleman Revolver
* Schofield Revolver
* Volcanic Pistol
* Repeater Carbine
* Winchester Repeater
* Sawn-off Shotgun
* Rolling Block Rifle
* Carcano Rifle

- When killed by an infected, the survivor must switch sides (change skins to a miner or zombie, as well as join the posse of the infected)
- When killed by a fellow survivor you must switch sides (and get revenge preferably, what a jerk, shooting you like that...)
- When dying due to a fall or drowning, the survivor must switch sides.
- On the stupid chance that you die to an animal who has wandered into the area, you don't have to switch sides.
- Survivors are not allowed to have the minimap enabled (Infected can only see you when you run or shoot, but you can't see them)
- Survivors aren't allowed to have player names above heads enabled (you must use your eyes)
- Survivors may not summon their mounts
- If there's only two survivors left, they enter 'no holds barred' mode, where they're allowed to use any weapons they have at their disposal.
- During 'no holds barred', killing the other survivor is not allowed. Doing so will cause the victim to be the winner (read as: careful where you throw that dynamite, boyo)

For immersion, please refrain from having zombies or miners as your skin. There's plenty of others to choose from.

A bit more info on the restricted amount of guns, even with expert aim, many guns like shotguns or the rifles only require two shots to kill a player quite a lot of the time. I wanted to capture that same sense of difficulty from the Undead Nightmare single player where Undead are extremely tough and could only be quickly killed by being shot in the head.

Some extra stuff to note

- Because posses are limited to eight people, survivors need to split up in two groups. As the infected start to grow, eventually they will have to split up too.

- Killing eight (i think) people in a row will cause you to become most wanted immediately. I haven't really found a way to counter this and it kind of intervenes with the game. For infected this isn't really a problem as it is highly unlikely that they will get a killstreak of 8 and even then it doesn't really matter if they die to lawmen. Survivors however have a bigger problem. Their position is revealed and the lawmen are likely going to come after them, killing him/her. As I currently have it thought out, becoming Most Wanted means this person gets an 'extra life'. The feed shows clearly which player died to lawmen or is most wanted. If the player dies while most wanted, he/she can respawn and doesn't have to switch sides, even when killed by an infected. Dying again after that will use up that extra life. Basically you get rid of the Most Wanted status first by dying (on purpose if you'd like) and then you still have your extra life. This is to compensate for both the loss of ammunition, as well as having to return to a good spot on the map. Discuss this in the thread if you have a better idea for this.
Killing lawmen while Most Wanted can be beneficial for other survivors though, as the lawmen drop valuable ammo.


-Because this game mode never really got tested, I'm not too sure on the Retcher. If the Retcher turns out to be too much of a problem, a rule can be established where the Retcher is only in play until a certain amount of other infected are into play (like 3 or so). We'll see.

Some final tips

-Sticking together as survivors might increase your firepower and chance to hit, but also the chance of getting detected, collateral damage, and the retcher having to just throw in the general direction of your location to hit someone.
-Cover isn't so important against normal infected, but be careful of the Retcher.
-Survivors have access to one shotgun, the sawed-off one. Be careful with this thing, while it's easy to use on expert aim it's also easy to cause collateral damage!
-Picking a fight isn't always the best option. Conserve ammo for when you need it and run. But be careful you're not running from the Retcher.
-The high ground might offer an advantage in terms of shooting, but not when it comes to an escape route!
-Like any match, running and shooting give away your position. As infected you don't need to worry about this as survivors have no minimap.
-Help out fellow survivors when you become most wanted by killing lawmen who drop ammo. Just be careful those friends of yours don't die trying to get to it.
-As an infected, picking up ammo dropped by lawmen is a great way to sabotage the survivors.
-Survivors should stay on the move. Camping in one spot will only work for as long as you have ammo.
-Dead (wo)men need no bullets. If a fellow survivor dies, get the ammo!
-The sawed-off shotgun is great for crowd control. Don't waste it's ammo.
-During no holds barred, sticking close to the other survivor will prevent the infected from all focusing on one player.
-Aim for the head. (inb4 captain obvious)
-Remember that most maps in shooter games are designed so almost all spots can be accessed from at least two directions. As a survivor, have someone cover that other access point. As an infected, sneak up on survivors who only have one access point covered.


-MacFarlane's Ranch
-Las Hermanas
-Thieves Landing (this one's great for the first test. Many building + no bounty gained when killing NPC's)
-Rathskeller Fork
-Fort Mercer (when cleared of course)
-El Matadero
-Pacific Union R.R. Camp

Final Word

Tell me what you think and if you're interested in this. I will also make a copy of this thread on the PS3 section (since I'm on both consoles anyway) so if you happen to be a PS3 player just checking out the Xbox forums, please sign up there, I'll provide a link right here:,30693.0.html

To join, just copy the list of signed up players and add your own in your post. Providing your time zone (in GMT format please) will ease the process of organizing some games in the future, but for now, this is mainly just to refine the game a bit and make some corrections based on what you guys think. Should you also happen to have a capture card of decent quality, please use it to record the matches of infection you have so you can share it with the community and draw some attention to this game mode. "Pics or it didn't happen" exists for a reason, and video footage with live commentary of the group is the best way to prove that it's a lot of fun!

Thanks for reading! Can't wait to read the replies and feedback. I will adjust some stuff accordingly to good ideas and fixes. Also more maps are always welcome! Just take note that it's currently mainly to check the amount of interest before we can actually get started on planning some games (or if you're eager, try planning some yourself, saves me trouble  :P)

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Re: Infection Game Mode
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2013, 03:30:48 PM »
Like the idea :) dont have internet right now (faulty phone line) but hoping to get it fixed soon!

Add me: The Duck Who, I'll add you when I get back

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Re: Infection Game Mode
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2013, 10:46:29 PM »
Helluva an idea. I'd be willing to try this and my gut is the rest of the RSG crew would be up for it. So that's, uh, 5 people total. Count us in.

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Re: Infection Game Mode
« Reply #3 on: June 06, 2013, 01:59:13 AM »
Sounds great! Let's get this happening  :D 

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Re: Infection Game Mode
« Reply #4 on: June 13, 2013, 08:17:41 PM »
Shame the PS3 players weren't so keen on this.

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Re: Infection Game Mode
« Reply #5 on: June 17, 2013, 04:27:27 AM »
Yeah I noticed the PS3 players aren't too excited. Weird considering last time we pretty much got a full lobby in just a few days, while the xbox people were slowly getting there :P

The list so far:

- The Duck Who
- The Jester
- RSG crew member 1
- RSG crew member 2
- RSG crew member 3
- RSG crew member 4
- Kazzy
- Emvidasch

If we can get 8 more people we can get this thing started. I was thinking of making a post on Reddit to see if we can get some people into this thing. I might just do that in a bit. By the way does anyone have a means of recording? Would be good advertising to get a video in this thread of a match so people have a better insight.

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Re: Infection Game Mode
« Reply #6 on: June 17, 2013, 02:13:33 PM »
I'll play. :)

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Re: Infection Game Mode
« Reply #7 on: June 17, 2013, 05:11:57 PM »
Not exactly sure what you mean by copy a current list of the people and stuff, but I'll do my best.

- The Duck Who
- The Jester
- RSG crew member 1
- RSG crew member 2
- RSG crew member 3
- RSG crew member 4
- Kazzy
- Emvidasch
(and my Gamertag is below)
- SlittyCrzykiler- GMT -8

So, I'm assuming you'll add me on Xbox Live? If I did anything wrong or whatever, reply! And thanks!!

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Re: Infection Game Mode
« Reply #8 on: June 17, 2013, 05:20:42 PM »
Reminds me of the "hide & seek" we used to play. It was always fun :) Maybe I can get some people excited for this ;)

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Re: Infection Game Mode
« Reply #9 on: June 19, 2013, 01:38:36 PM »
This sounds like a custom game mode we play on Grand Theft Auto 4 ;)

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Re: Infection Game Mode
« Reply #10 on: July 31, 2013, 02:56:03 PM »
Well as I like the idea I have been doing this for have some major flaws that will make your game fail overall.

First Off You cannot start with one need to have EQUAL Or MOREzombies than survivors
And players will most likely not volunteer to be zombie you will have to choose players for it.

Second Survivors Shouldn't have so many guns to use...
They should have cattlemens and pump action shotguns At the most.

Trust me I've been doing zombies and Roleplays since rdr came out I know what to do.....if you want to talk and maybe play sometime hum on Xbox my gamer tag is xJim Bob IIIx